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From 207 to 265 AD there was a war between three kingdoms of China. A general named Zhuge Liang was in the town with a tiny army. Rest of the army was in a camp far away. He came to know that another emperor was going to attack on him with an army of 150,000.

Liang knew that he only had 100 soldiers. He ordered to lower down the flags, open the gates of the town and hide. Then he wore a traditional dress, sat down where everyone can see him clearly, lighted incense sticks and starting singing choral.

After sometime he saw an enormous army coming there, but he didn’t notice it. When the army came there no one recognised him, then the emperor came and saw him singing choral. Then he ran away with his army.

Now the question comes, why he did that?. The answer is the reputation of Zhuge Liang.

People often call him “The sleeping dragon”. Because he made his reputation like this.

Once he made enemy’s army believe their general was with him, because of that general has quit his army and helped Liang. Once he stole military seal and made some fake documents. Then he sent the enemy’s army far away and captured three cities.

He made his reputation like a clever man so when the emperor came and saw him singing he thought that it’s a trap and ran away.

So the first point is ‘guard your reputation no matter what’.

Second point says always keep seeking attention. P.T. Burman often called biggest showman of the 19th century. He was an assistant of a circus owner before he started shows. In 1836 at Annapolis Maryland, he was for a show.

When he woke up, he thought he should go for a walk, then he wore a black coat and went for a walk. One person said “see he K Avery”. K Avery was a person who had a murder charge. Court has released him, but people still think that he is a criminal. Then crowd started hitting him and tore his shirt.

Then he convinced to crowd to go to the circus to prove his identity. The owner of the circus said “he is not Avery, it was a joke started by me”. Then Burman angrily asked him why you did this ,he said “Burman now people will talk more about this incident and come to our circus”. And this was the reality: on that night circus was full.

After this incident Burman understood Always grab attention.

Then Burman started his shows and followed same tricks.

Once Burman was on a walk and a beggar asked him for money. Burman didn’t give money but gave him a job. He said take two bricks and place both on ground then place first in front of another and repeat it; he has to go through the entire town while doing this and come back to the circus. When someone asks him where he was going, he said nothing and moved on.

Because he was not saying anything, people started following him, then came to the circus and buy the tickets. Once police caught the beggar because so much people were following him, it caused a traffic jam.

Third point says “make conditions, so that everything happens with your will.”

In 1814 maximum generals of Europe want to completely destroy already destroyed Kingdom of Napoleon. For that they sent him to Island Of Elba in Italy. Even after he was arrested, everyone was afraid of him. Austrians thought we should kill him in the jail. But didn’t do that because it was risky.

During winters British ships surrounded Island of Elba so that he should not run. But on 26 February 1815 something strange happened. A ship came of 900 soldiers came and took Napoleon with them in the Daylight. English followed them a long way but didn’t make it.

Now it was best for Napoleon to run away from Europe, but he returned to France and attacked in Paris. After that everyone was happy that he returned, the army came there but after seeing their old leader they changed side, Napoleon was in power.

But In War of Waterloo Napoleon lost. The emperor sent him to Saint Helena in Africa. But they planned it, his general said if he became successful in running then English will also welcome them and France people already liked him and he could get in power again.

But he didn’t know that there was a mastermind behind all this and he was his old minister Tallyrand and he didn’t want Nepoleon to come back. When they sent Nepoleon to Elba, he said that we should send him far away so that he could never come back, but no one listened to him.

Then he started planning on his own, he knew that after escaping from Elba he will come and get to a war and war will not end long because the condition of France was bad. And same thing happens.

Fourth point says win through your actions, never through argument.

Engineers of Eethen got a project from commander to build a mast for the ship.Soldiers went to the engineers and they said more efficient small ship will mast not big. Then soldiers said commander is not one of those who wants to understand all this so build as ordered.

Then engineered build a small mast and thought that he will get a reward but commander called him and killed him, no one was interested that is this design was good or not.

But Michelangelo was not like this. One Mayor ordered for a sculpture and later said that the nose of the sculpture was a little big. Michelangelo knew it was perfect. But he went to sculpture with his hammer and started pretending that he was doing this, but no changes were made. When we show something, then there are no arguments.

That’s it hope you enjoyed.



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