The Devil’s Newsletter


Just Imagine a Newsletter Where You will get an email once a week. Ane everything is in that email.

  1. A productivity tip that will make you a superhuman in productivity.
  2. 5–6 posts on productivity/tech
  3. Song recommendation
  4. Book recommendation
  5. Podcast recommendation
  6. Life experiences

I started a newsletter “My Newsletter” And…

History tells us how to

From 207 to 265 AD there was a war between three kingdoms of China. A general named Zhuge Liang was in the town with a tiny army. Rest of the army was in a camp far away. …

Warren Buffett

Do you remember what you were doing when you were 6 years old, when warren was 6 he used to buy chewing gums from his grandfather’s shop, and go to people’s home and sell it for a profit.

He was having 2 cent profit in every sale. Then…



Evernote is my weapon of choice in the war of independent thinking because it is so non-organised (I kinda like messy places). But you can organise it. Mine is like this.

Why Elon Musk Is Successful In Completely Different Fields

There is a secret thinking method that Elon Musk uses, but no-one else used it, because of that Elon Musk is successful in extra ordinary fields.

Here, people can’t even run 1 successful company and he is ceo of a private…

6 hot tips given by billionaires to be successful

  • Don’t be a donkey

When Tim ferries asked a question to entrepreneur Derek Sivers, that what advice you will give to your younger self when you are in early 20s. He said if I could give advice to my younger self than it would be “don’t be a donkey”. …

Habits of most successful persons in history

We call Napoleon one of the best journals ever existed, but his best quality was his boundless energy. During campaigns he works 18–20 hours. Sometimes he doesn’t sleep for days. He knew every single detail of the war.

He travelled a lot, and after travelling he doesn’t take breaks he…

Story of Asian Paints

So many times we have an idea and we think it’s a billion dollar idea, then we call some friends and discuss it with them, currently everyone is dreaming about estates, cars that they will get when the idea gets successful.

But after sometime, no motivation is there, no more…

Beautiful question with beautiful answers

Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, done an experiment in which he placed boiled rice in 3 jars, then wrote “love” on first, “hate” on second and “neutral” on third.

For the next few days, he started saying positive words in front of love, negative words in front of hate…

How To Deal With Stress and worry Given By your Goals

Don’t get too attached to the goal:- You have to set goals and then you have to forget about the goal and focus on the process, the better the process faster you will reach the goal.

For example, just…

Anshul Patyal

science student who studies 4 sciences simultaneously. interested in technology and preparing to be a doctor.

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