A 21st century Student should know these things.

14 Techniques and professions a student should know

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If You Want to Know Future Of the World, Just Look What Students are doing

I am Anshul, And currently, I am In last year of high school. So I am sharing some experienced-based tips that may help you.

  1. Be digitally literate across multiple platforms:- Everyone knows that future is digital. So, you should know a little bit about every platform. For example, during the covid time, many students don’t know how to use zoom. Which cost them some classes till they learned how to use it.
  2. Students need to be able to access and analyze information:- when I was in school, many times I have to get to a conclusion, with data in front of me, and many times I get confused. So, you should know how to analyze data and find an answer.
  3. Have incredible communication skills:- It’s understood, your ideas worth nothing if you can’t explain them. You will get nowhere if you don’t know how to influence people. So, if you are an introvert (like me) check these posts to improve your skills.
  4. Develop an entrepreneurial spirit:- You have to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, I am not saying start a business. Like an entrepreneur work for yourself, invest in yourself, market yourself. It’s like you are a business and you are making it profitable for yourself.
  5. Change happens overnight — students need to be adaptable:- It’s a truth, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad (very bad). It’s like you are selected for a competition, and you have worked very hard for it and, the next day they select someone else. Now I have two options think about it and regret and move on, I have to choose.
  6. Be able to solve problems, think critically:- Critical thinking, nowadays is very important and, many companies include critical thinking questions in interviews. You should know how to solve real-life problems.
  7. Develop curiosity:- This is a skill that no one can give you, you have to develop it yourself. Why someone will tell something if you don’t show interest in his topic.
  8. Be a good team player:- Many times in school you have to work in a team. You have to learn how to communicate, understand and work without argument in a team.
  9. Leave the ego at home:- In schools, many students have problems with ego. They think that they are the boss, just one word “ignore”. If you are egoistic just leave it now because you worth nothing till you get a good university.
  10. Develop interpersonal skills:- Interpersonal skills are Collaborating and working well together with others. Comforting people when they need it. (Don’t take it in another way). Clear communication skills. Awareness (of yourself and others). Caring about other people.
  11. Learn to code:- As you know future is digital so, you should know the basics of coding (I recommend python). So, you don’t have to appoint a software engineer to solve your problems.
  12. Great work ethics never goes out of fashion:- Work ethic is a belief that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue, or value to strengthen character and individual abilities. Just believe, your work will be worth it.
  13. Accepting responsibility:- It is problem in the adolescent that they run away from responsibilities. You have to accept that in the future you have to accept those responsibilities. So, why not now?
  14. Being efficiently productive:- Today efficiency matters the most, how efficiently you can do the work. If another person gives the same result as you, but in less time then why someone will appoint you to the work.

If you think I should add some points in this then mail:- anshulpatyal3@gmail.com



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Anshul Patyal

Anshul Patyal

science student who studies 4 sciences simultaneously. interested in technology and preparing to be a doctor.