Best Note Taking App For Independent Thinking


Image from Evernote website


Evernote is my weapon of choice in the war of independent thinking because it is so non-organised (I kinda like messy places). But you can organise it. Mine is like this.

Image from my evernote

Whenever I open it I see all of my notes, questions, ideas, pdf’s and so much more. I get an idea whenever I open it or I can call it as an idea generator machine.

You can also make an idea generator machine like mine, just note everything you like, search, consume, etc.

Step By Step Guide

  • Search what you like: I like billie eilish so I am searching it
Billie eilish screenshot from google
  • Then click on any article you want
Screenshot from Independent
  • Then read it
  • If it is already a notebook in your Evernote, then create a fresh note in the notebook. If not, then create a new notebook. I am creating a new one.

In the top right corner you will see new notebook click on it.

  • Then Name the notebook I am naming it Billie Eilish
  • Then you will see something like this
When you create a new notebook
  • On the left, you’ll see new note click on it.
  • A window will appear on the blank side.
  • Then add a title and take a summary of the article.
note of the blog post
  • Whenever you read/listen/watch anything related to topic write a summary or it’s a photo, then take a screenshot and upload it as a note.
  • For example, I really love Billie Eilish this image, so I am uploading it as a note.

For uploading as an image click on a blue button on the top

  • Then keep adding notes/videos/photos. Then after some weeks you will have a treasure trove of that topic where you can pick up ideas.

Special Cases

I know in some situations you cannot take notes, but I have a trick just make another note and make it as posts/videos that need summary and add links of the videos and blog posts there. Then write whenever you get time.

Sign up to Evernote: here

Now I will complete my Billie Eilish notebook Bye!




science student who studies 4 sciences simultaneously. interested in technology and preparing to be a doctor.

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Anshul Patyal

Anshul Patyal

science student who studies 4 sciences simultaneously. interested in technology and preparing to be a doctor.

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