Billionaires gave tips to their younger self

6 hot tips given by billionaires to be successful

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  • Don’t be a donkey

When Tim ferries asked a question to entrepreneur Derek Sivers, that what advice you will give to your younger self when you are in early 20s. He said if I could give advice to my younger self than it would be “don’t be a donkey”. He said “whenever I talk to people they want to do so many things at one time, but they never get to a conclusion”.

Because of no conclusion, they started saying that this “world is evil”, “world doesn’t let them do things what they want”. But these things come due to short term thinking. We don’t realize that we can do 1–2 things in 1–2 years then next 1–2 things in next 1–2 years.

This story is like a donkey who has grass on one side, and water on another side, and he is standing in the middle thinking that where should he go first. First, he looks at grass, then looks at the water. This is because of short-term thinking. If he decides then it would, then he will not waste his time thinking.

For example, if we want to do a business rather than a job, then we could do a job and work part time on our business.

If you think that should I read school books or extra books then we can read school books and whenever we get time, we can read extra books.

There are no restrictions in this world so we don’t have to apply Un-necessary restrictions on yourself.

  • Ask big questions

When Tim ferries asked a question to author of zero to one Peter Thiel that “which is your biggest mistake in life” then he said that “when I was 25 I wish I knew, I don’t have to wait for taking actions”. He said that first he went to college then went to law school after that worked in law and banking firm.

But till he started papal he didn’t know that he don’t have to wait to start something new.

If you have planned something and made a 10-year plan for that, then ask yourself how can I accomplish this goal then next 6 months. It is possible that it will take 10 years to get to the goal, but asking these questions will change your perspective.

  • Master The Models

To attend a seminar of John Ron, Tony Robbins spent $34, and he was not happy about his decision because his salary was $38 per week. But Tony robins said his thought process completely changed after listening to seminar.

When Tony Robbins asked Warren Buffett, “which is your best investment?” Then Warren said that he attended a public speaking course of dale carnigy when he was 20. Which helped him a lot.

Warren said that ‘best investment is investing in yourself , by this you can learn more skills, learn from other’s experience and so much more so invest in yourself and it will help you earn more”

  • Even the Titan Procrastinate

Author of the international bestseller “The Alchemist” Paulo Coelho Said that he also procrastinates. When he wakes up and get to his study table he check emails, check news in short he procrastinate.

When he spent some time there he said to himself, “I will only write for 30 minutes” and those 30 minutes turn into 10 hours. And because of that he completes his book faster than anyone.

So we have to set a short-term goal to build a momentum, then when we will in flow state we won’t bother by anything

  • No One is a self-made man you have to learn things from others

Arnold said that he is not a self-made man. Whenever he goes to any seminar, people say that “Arnond you are a self-made man”, and he says “I am not a self-made man. It’s true that I came to America with a gym bag, It’s also true I’ve earned millions by investing in real estate, It’s also true I am a successful actor, body builder and governor of California, But still I am not a self-made man”

Reg park impressed him when he acted in Hercules Movie. He learned so many things from Reg. He learned so many things from his teachers and parents. When he met Lucille Ball, she made his break in Holywood.

No one self made Behind every successful person there are so many persons, books, articles, stories that inspired him. Newton said that “stand a shoulder of giants”. it means to learn from successful people.




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