Can you achieve anything with a positive attitude?

Beautiful question with beautiful answers

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Dr. Masaru Emoto, a Japanese scientist, done an experiment in which he placed boiled rice in 3 jars, then wrote “love” on first, “hate” on second and “neutral” on third.

For the next few days, he started saying positive words in front of love, negative words in front of hate, and did nothing to neutral. After some days he observed the “love” jar was same, rice degraded in “hate” and it started degrading in “neutral”.

Some people say it’s not true and all claims are false, but at a personal level I believe in it.

And we have so much quotes from successful people like:-

We become what we think about

Nepolean hill:- “what the mind can conceive and believe the mind can achieve.”

Bible 23:7:- As a man thinketh in his heart so is he.

You are a human Magnet Yaani what we believe we attract those things in our life. If we place 100 people in one room and no one knows anyone, but after one hour if we look from the keyhole then we’ll see they form some groups. The people who like to talk about politics are in another group, tech people in another group, this is a case of a human magnet.

In the book Attitude is everything the author says that, In 1980, people are investing in real estate in New York and getting descent sums of money. He also thought he will buy properties, but he didn’t buy for a long time. It is because he spends hours thinking that what are disadvantages of buying a property.

He concluded, he has to think positive to buy property or he will spend entire life thinking about it. Then he started reading successful stories, articles and in 1986 he told to himself he will buy 2 properties for return purposes.

That year he saw over 100 properties and brought one. He bought his 2nd property just 2 days before the year end.

At last, he said he cannot achieve it if his attitude was negative.

Picture your way to success:- This point says that if we actually believe that we have achieved something then we will get it for sure.But the condition is that we have to think positive about that goal. But the question is from where we will get this positivity world is such a negative place.

Our positivity or negativity is directly proportional to the mental pictures running in our brain. For example:- some people form a self image of themselves in their brain and think that they can’t improve. And we keep these pictures in our subconscious.

I went through this phase, where you have a picture of yourself and accept that you are worthless and positive mindset doesn’t come spontaneously, it takes time to forget all the memories. But it’s not impossible.

Confront your Fears and grow:- this point says that if you want to confront your fears, then there is only way, face them. It may be possible that we are waiting for some magical words that will blow away all our fears, but unfortunately they don’t exist.

We have to take action to achieve success. Yes, we can celebrate minor success that we accomplish during the journey to get over our fears.

Get out there and fail:- this point says that rather thinking what will happen if you fail, just get out and see what will really happen if you’ll fail. I saw an interview of Jeff Bezos (richest man in the world) and he said that we think little before releasing the product, we just think this will be the best product offered by amazon.

He said, “I know 9 of 10 products will fail, but the successful 10 will counter all the failures”.

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Anshul Patyal

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