Elon musk time table (The productivity king)

How world’s busiest person manages his time

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Nowadays everybody knows Elon Musk, He is the second richest man (At the time of this post). At last he one of the busiest persons in this world.

Elon owns several companies Tesla, and SpaceX are the famous ones. And he works actively in all of his companies and spends 85–100 hours of his week, he exercises 2 days a week; he takes 6-hour sleep; he spends time with his family.

How it is possible at first when I read it I was like “does he get 48 hours in a day”. Then I looked into his timetable and it amazed me to see the productivity of this man.

So let’s start

He wakes up at 7 am, and he takes a bath every day which gives him freshness and makes him feel awake after a short 6-hour sleep. Then he drinks a cup of coffee and skips breakfast. But on days when he doesn’t have so much work he eats omelet.

From his 5 days in a week, he goes To SpaceX on Monday and Friday, and Tuesday Wednesday, and Thursday he goes to tesla. And if it leaves time, then he goes to other companies like nuralink, solar city, etc. In the companies, he doesn’t just order; he works there in the engineering department and design department and he spends 80% of his time there working.

He does multitasking and uses the time blocking technique to enhance his productivity. If you are thinking about where is lunch, well, he does lunch within 5 minutes during break-in meetings.

An ILO study in 2018 showed that in South Asia and East Asia, on average, workers are putting in 46 hours a week. And Elon Works 85–100 hours, it means almost double.

If you are thinking about what keeps him moving well, tremendous amounts of coffee and 5–8 cans of coke, which is an unhealthy habit but who cares when you have rivers of money flowing from your house.

At last, he tries to work out at least 2 times a week, and he takes most of his calories at night during dinner.

At weekends he spends time with his family. But let me tell you one thing “a secret” is a secret. He changed his time table before he was a world-known personality he worked 100+ hours a week..

On weekends he was working on Saturdays and Sundays and he divorced his first wife because he can’t give much time to her.

He inspires my timetable

So, I am a medical student and running this blog doing web designing (setting up a podcast it’ll come in near future) and I work-study 80–90 hours a week.

If you want to know about my timetable, then read these posts.

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I tried his timetable in 2018 for a week and I can’t get out from it and try it with your life.



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