History Tells About Good Habits

Habits of most successful persons in history

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We call Napoleon one of the best journals ever existed, but his best quality was his boundless energy. During campaigns he works 18–20 hours. Sometimes he doesn’t sleep for days. He knew every single detail of the war.

He travelled a lot, and after travelling he doesn’t take breaks he started working ASAP. Biographers tell, he was never satisfied with anything. In 1796 he won the war with Italy and after that he went to a war with Egypt. When he noticed no one was following his commands, he went back to France and started a conspiracy and became the first council.

After becoming the council, he went to another war with Italy. After that he never stopped he went to so much campaigns with limitless energy. Napoleon said “our energy becomes low, when we take easy task then our capabilities”.

It means if we take risk then our energy will never come down so “never settle down and make risk a constant practice”

Another story is of del. In 1943 del went to a swimming pool and when he stand on the wood, it broke and he fell on the floor. Then he went to hospital and doctor said, “it break his rib cage and one rib has punctured his lung”.

Three months passed, and the doctor said there is no improvement. It shocked him “how is it possible that here is no improvement after 3 months”. He thought it is because he is lying on the bed all day and thinking about the illness. Then he asked the doctor to place him in another ward.

The name of the ward was country club. Now he can do anything he wanted. There he learned oil painting, read books on psychology and so much more, he was so indulged in these things that he forgot he was ill. And after 3 months whole medical staff clapped, he has done an amazing recovery.

This story states tells that thinking gives nothing, it will change nothing not illness of del or situations in life. If we want a change, then we have to work. We can devote thinking time to doing work that can actually change the situation.

During world war 2, George Patten was a journal of united states army and his maximum family members were journals and colonels in army and donated their lives to the nation during civil war. In 1918, during first world war, Patten went to war for the first time.

He was the head of tank division, and with so much struggle he got to the mountain top. When he reached there and germans started firing on them, after sometime he knew, they are stuck. Now if they run backward, then germans will fire from hill side and if they fire, then they will start using machine guns.

He was in a very stressful situation, then he remembered his family members and he thought “if I have to die then I will not die running from them”. Then he ordered the army to attack and when he stood german fired him on his leg.

But somehow they escaped from there. Then even after becoming journal he said he will go to frontline to get the updates so that he will face his fear every time.

This story gives us 2 lessons:-

  • Face your fears rather than running away from them. Because due to fear, we freeze and don’t take any action.
  • When we lost our presence of mind, then we will ruin our image in everyone’s eyes. So, every time we take a decision, we have to think about how it will affect our image or class.

Joseph tells that when he was a child, he worried too much. Some things that he worries about were not real. Sometimes he worries about “Am I missing anything that I have to worry about.”

He was like this for so many years, but one day he was with his friends in a station, waiting for a train. He stood in front of another train for sometime, The TC came out and said, “everyone has entered” and after sometime the light turned green, they started their 2500 KM journey.

Then joseph thought they went to a 2500 KM journey without worrying about anything, and he was worrying about tiny things. After that he stopped worrying he said whenever you get a signal, start doing it. Whenever there is a problem, solve it before it turns big.

Another point is being insecure:-

  1. what will happen if I wear this dress
  2. what everyone will think if I go to party with cheap cellphone.
  3. what everyone will think if I didn’t get any job.

But no one cares!

In this world, everyone is thinking about themselves no one cares what you do, think or wear.

Jeff Bezos say if we are feel insecure then go to a crowd place and look at them “no one cares about you”. Someone has tension in his job, someone is thinking about school assignments, etc.

An astronaut of NASA Garrett Reisman, who also worked with Elon Musk Said that “Elon Musk only talk about those topics that he know very well”. For example, he never talks about neuralink with Garret because he is an astronaut, not a biologist. And with this technique, he saves a lot of time.

We talk about our goals with everyone with people who don’t understand them, and most of the time they are negative people, so we get negativity back. Chanakya said that “never share your goals and secrets with anyone”.

Only talk with those people who understand the topic you want to tell. Or it will be a wastage of time.

Many people smoke in teenage not because they like smoking, it is because they choose a wrong hero either consciously or subconsciously. It is possible that hero is a gangster that the teenage boy thought cool, or a movie hero.

So, we have to choose a wonderful hero so that our brain should programme like that. We can do this by reading biographies of eminent people, exposing to positive content that will help us in any way.



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