How did I get over my stage fright?

Tips to get over your stage fright

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I was 9 years when I first went to stage, I was selected for a group song competition, I won 1st prize with the group. At that time I don’t even know what is stage fright (who cares about the world when you are 9).

The second time I went to stage (11 years), and at this time my legs were shaking, I was full of sweat (I still remember It was summer). I was selected for a solo song competition.

When you are in a group you are good, because you can hide in the group. At this time I was solo, and I have to sing. OH MY GOD!!! I was so scared, but I had an advantage that is “my voice” (people say it is good, I think it’s horrible).

But I was out of breath 2 times, because of that and I won 2nd prize. Honestly, I don’t like when someone gets ahead of me, and this time I won 2nd price I want 1st. So I started working as a stage mic operator so, that I should see the stage every day.

In the starting, I was so scared to set the mic to a specific height in front of the whole school. After some time Nothing bothers me, I was good to go.

Now, I was selected for another group song competition and I won first prize. But that year school doesn’t organize a solo song competition.

But, I Want to sing so I applied for an open competition. At this time I was not used to that stage, I choked during the song and won 3rd prize. I was so sad.

Then I was like, “Now I have to do something different how many times I will work as a mic operator”.

I then started researching how to overcome this fear. I came across an Idea it was “deliberate practice”. Then I started doing the practice of the song but it was not enough, I was not getting the confidence.

Then I came across the Idea of imagination, that you have to imagine the audience is in front of you I started doing it but still, I was not getting that confidence. So, I started thinking because I read the maximum resources available.

Then I thought Just play the voice of the audience in the earphones. Then I searched youtube “audience shouting” and played it. Now the audience is shouting, and I am singing and It game me so boost, I was like I will burn the stage (not literally).

Then solo song competition came and I went to stage but still, I was having some negative thoughts. I started singing and in the end, I packed first prize.

But It taught me one thing go on stage as much as you can, it will help you a lot.

To date I won 23 prizes in singing and, now I am confident than ever.



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Anshul Patyal

Anshul Patyal

science student who studies 4 sciences simultaneously. interested in technology and preparing to be a doctor.