How To Get 2 Hours More In a Day

The 10 minute rule

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Unsplash

It’s been a pretty interesting week, I went to school for the first time after approximately 1 year. I also started this blog this year, designing websites, doing SEO of sites, preparing for competitive exams and a hell lot of things. Now, I can do 2 days of work in 6–7 hours.

How is it possible?

It’s very simple just cut your 10 minutes breaks with something productive. For example:- If I study for 2 hours and took a break of 40–45 minutes, I will watch Netflix, random videos on YouTube.

Now let’s calculate:-

  • I sleep for 5–6 hours.
  • I have 18 hours in one day
  • After, every 2 hours I am taking a break of 40–45 minutes
  • Giving more time to eat food, brushing and other things.
  • Every 45 minutes in 2 hours it’s about 405 minutes or 6.75 hours (excluding time given to eat food, brushing and other things)
  • It’s a hell lot of time. I can complete a 400 page novel in this time.

If you are working

  • 10 minutes break after 1 hour.
  • Awake at least 14–15 hours in one day
  • Going to work and coming home.
  • All odd works like brushing, taking a bath, etc.
  • 150 minutes excluding all odd works
  • Imagine wasting 2–3 hours everyday till you retire
  • You can take calls while going to work, which will save your time.

I am not saying stop taking breaks (cause I take). Till a threshold breaks are necessary but I can’t afford to burn approximately 7 hours. Now I take smaller breaks and do something important instead of watching random videos.

Then I thought, I said, “I don’t have time 1000 times a day” and 7 hours are lying next to me. It’s like I am consciously choosing not to give time to other important things.

It’s time to rephrase a sentence in my life, “I don’t have time” to “I am choosing not to make time”. It came out as a big game changer in my life.

Now I can say “yes” to so many things that I wanted to do.



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