How to get the motivation to do the work? #11

You don’t motivation to do the work

how to get motivation to do work, how to remember everything you read hear or listen
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What the hell is motivation? It’s been seventeen years of me living on earth but I haven’t really got the answer that, what is motivation?

With this, I mean that I can explain happiness, sadness in words but what is motivation? And the thing you can’t explain see, hear maybe it is possible that it shouldn't have existed in this universe.

Yes, I am saying that motivation is a myth. Let’s think for a while that it is not a myth it’s a feeling. If it is a feeling like happiness and sadness then you should feel it whenever you face that situation.

For example, whenever I watch Netflix I am happy, whenever I am not able to solve a question I feel sad for some time. But sometimes when I study I am filled with motivation and sometimes I feel nothing.

To solve this I’ve done one thing. I’ve removed the motivation word from my dictionary. By that I mean, now I don’t need the motivation to do my work, I look at it with a frame of discipline.

Now Let’sunderstand how I’ve done this, firstly, just treat everything as a discipline, for example:-

Before:- “I need the motivation to study physics”

After:- “I have to study physics, because It’ll come in the exam”

With this simple word replacement, you are good to go without motivation.

Well sometimes you are exhausted, and you really need some so-called “motivation” to start. Then firstly so simple things to start that work.

For example-

  1. if you have to study and you don’t want to study then just do simple things like, clean the desk, place books in a tidy way. Now just sit and don’t do anything for 5 minutes and say to yourself “I will only study for 5 minutes”
  2. Now pick up the shortest topic from the subject you want to study (which can be completed in 5–15 minutes.
  3. Then after 15 minutes, you will notice that now you don’t need the motivation to study more. It is because Newton said that “An object at rest remains at rest, or if in motion, remains in motion at a constant velocity unless acted on by a net external force.” By this I mean In the last 15 minutes you came to motion from rest and now nobody can stop you till an external force is applied (notification from Instagram or Facebook).

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