How to learn new content? #3

Tips to learn things faster than usual

Till now we have discussed how to learn content that you are already knowing. But how to learn new content. Here people will say read it many times but you can learn content with active recall.

According to my experience, you need 3 days to complete learn the concept. By completely I mean you will not forget that topic for at least 3 months you have to revise after a specific period of time.

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I’ve broken down the process into 2 parts:-

  1. Firstly read it then close the book and try to recall:- Firstly you have to read content and close the book or minimize the tab and try to recall as much as you can. Here everyone will face difficulties just recall as much as you can don’t judge how much you’ve recalled at last of the process you will completely remember it.
  2. then you have to do spaced repetition:- Spaced repetition is a technique that will help you to learn the concept more efficiently. firstly you have to recall after reading the concept then try to recall the same concept after 2 hours and only read that portion that you are forgetting. Then try to recall after 4 hours and read the portion that you are forgetting. then repeat it after 12 hours then 24 hours. I completely learn the concept after 24 hours but if you are still forgetting then again repeat it after 24 hours and 48 hours.

But first, you have to recall, then you have to read the concept and only read that concept that you are forgetting.

This will really increase your speed of remembering things and between those time intervals, you can revise new concepts and try to recall them.

If you have so many topics to understand then read one topic and try to recall it and between that, 2 hour time interval break down it into 4 parts of half an hour and read other topics in that time and revise them in 2 hours 4 hours so on. Because of this cycle, you will not waste time.

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