How to learn things at 3x speed #9

A technique that will increase your learning speed

How to learn things in speed, how to learn everything
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Have you ever thought that if you learn things at superhero speed, well your dream will be a reality today(or after 1 week) it depends on your practice.

So, the magical technique is called interleaved practice, and it will boost your learning speed by the number of subjects you study ( I study 6 subjects so learn with 6x speed). I wrote 3 because if you study you study at least 3 subjects.

The simple idea

well, the principal says that if you have 3 hours to study then don’t study only one subject. Study 3 subjects for 1 hour

Well it is sufficient if you just want to know the technique if you want an in-depth explanation (not really in-depth because I don’t use complex words or detailed studies I use layman language)

Why does it work?

Let’s take an example:- Have you ever watched a movie so many times that you are bored of it. Why does it happen? it is because your brain gets bored.

The same things happen when you study if you study a subject for 3 hours then your brain is bored of that topic so you have to refresh it once an hour.

I study 6 subjects so I have to give at least 6 hours of my day to study and with the study I mean I am totally committed to it there is no phone, not thinking about articles even my eyes don’t get off the book or notebook or screen (depends on where I am studying)

Now you will think that I am very committed to studying I am very hard working. The answer is hell “no”. Your brain can’t focus for 6 hours only on studying. I have a hack, I study for 1 hour then a 10-minute rest and after 3 hours I take a 45-minute break. to refresh my brain.

Mostly I do active recall during a study session I don’t prefer reading a book because It doesn’t really help to learn you are not actively participating in the process.

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  3. Which is the right approach for learning
  4. How to learn new content
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  6. If you don’t want to take notes then what to do with that time?
  7. What to do if you learn one thing and forget it after some time?
  8. Best time table for learning
  9. The best alternative of time table
  10. How to learn things at 3x speed?
  11. Should you Re-read your notes?
  12. How to get the motivation to do the work?
  13. How to reduce distractions while you are doing your work?
  14. Problems with focus?
  15. Best music to study with.



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