How to reduce distractions while you are doing your work? #12

How to tackle distractions so that you don’t get distracted very easily

How to learn everything, how to reduce distractions.
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In simple words, you will not get distracted if you will reduce the number of distractions. For example- if Instagram is your distraction then delete it from your phone.

If you will delete Instagram then whenever you want to see it you have to download it and it will add an extra step in the process. The human brain is too lazy you will procrastinate from doing it.

I am not that addicted to my phone (touch wood) because I don’t use any addictive social media for example Instagram and Facebook (may use in the future if want to).

I use less addictive-like LinkedIn and Twitter and they are informative too so that they also increase my knowledge if they are taking my time.

Another thing that you can do is place that app in the 8th window of your phone so you have to swipe 8–10 times to reach the app and your brain will procrastinate.

Another thing that you can do is don’t delete anything and place it in another room so that you don’t get the sound of notifications. If you need a phone when you are working then place it like the screen is facing the desk and place it on DND(do not disturb). Because if you hear the sound of notification then you will pick it no one in this u0niverse has the willpower that he/she can ignore the sound of that notification.

The last tip is if you can’t place your phone on silent then buy noise-canceling headphones and you can get for as low as 350$ (25000 Rs) and if you are an apple guy then 550$ (60000Rs).

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