How to remember everything you read hear or see?

A course that changes everything

Hello everyone I am Anshul. I am a medical student, and today I am going to start a free online course and in this, I will tell you how to remember everything. I am telling this because in medical science there is not that much to understand we have to remember all the points. And this course is for everyone who wants to be a learning machine. So today is the first day and today I will tell you about the three main levels of the course.

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  1. Understanding- Understanding is the longest part firstly you have to completely understand the concept you want to remember.

For example- if you want to remember a concept of chemistry then there is a framework.

A) Think that how you can relate it to chemistry

B) See where it fits in the big picture for example where it fits in the chapter or if it is a step then see that where it fits in the process.

because of the above steps, you can make connections in your brain about that topic and understand more deeply.

2. Remembering- if you understood the topic well then you should not have to worry about remembering I will tell you a technique so that you can remember it within 5–10 mins and it’s called active recall. When you finished understanding then close the book or whatever it is and try to recall.

It’s like you are not filling your brain you are retrieving information from your brain.

3. focus- It is most important if you want to remember because without it you cannot remember anything. for that just take out your headphones or speaker and play music without lyrics because lyrics can distract you. There is a playlist on Spotify called lofy hip hop. It has some good beats, and they also live stream on youtube with the same name.

All posts of course:-

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Understand everything with a secret technique
  3. Which is the right approach for learning
  4. How to learn new content
  5. How to take notes
  6. If you don’t want to take notes then what to do with that time?
  7. What to do if you learn one thing and forget it after some time?
  8. Best time table for learning
  9. The best alternative of time table
  10. How to learn things at 3x speed?
  11. Should you Re-read your notes?
  12. How to get the motivation to do the work?
  13. How to reduce distractions while you are doing your work?
  14. Problems with focus?
  15. Best music to study with.



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