How to remember this blog post for lifetime

Tricks to remember every data consume (blog posts, YouTube videos etc)


Today, I will share some tricks to make a database of every data you consume.

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What is the benefit of consuming data if you don’t have a proper system to store it?

Today, I will tell you about a system I used to store every bit of information I consume.

Read It Later:-

Sometimes you find a blog post, but you don’t have time to read it. To solve this problem I use read it later app, there are so many apps for it, like instapaper, pocket, etc. I use pocket.

If you want to use pocket, just go on their site and click sign up. If you use free plan, then you can save a few articles. But if you upgrade to premium, then you can save an unlimited number of articles.

To save articles, click on pocket extension, and it will save automatically.

Then go to pocket site, and you will find your article there. You can do the same with videos, too.


There are some lines that I like too much, For that I use notion web clipper.

If you don’t know, I use notion as my primary note taking app, and it has an option of web clipper. By clicking on it, I can export this article to my resource page.

Now open notion and highlight and add comments on lines you think resonate with you.


I take notes and highlights of everything I read, and I can re-read it whenever I want in my pocket. And if I want to get through the highlights, open notion. After sometime you stated doing that, you will have a treasure of knowledge with you every time.

Here’s my notion screenshot:-

For better classification, I have divided all my work in 6 categories.

If you look at left side, I have classified all my work to 5 categories.

  1. Book notes:- here I write summaries and notes of all books I read.
  2. Resource:- whenever I save something it comes in resource page then after classification it goes to one of 6 categories.
  3. Resource for blog and newsletter:- here I write my posts and write topics of future posts
  4. courses:- Here, I will write all the things I have learned in a particular course whether offline or online
  5. notes school:- Notes of my school subjects
  6. blogs and podcasts:- best Lines and audio files from articles and podcasts I read and listen.

How it will help you:-

It will help you in various ways.

  1. You don’t have to rediscover post.
  2. There is a treasure of knowledge of your interests.
  3. You can go through it again.

And so much more.

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science student who studies 4 sciences simultaneously. interested in technology and preparing to be a doctor.

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Anshul Patyal

Anshul Patyal

science student who studies 4 sciences simultaneously. interested in technology and preparing to be a doctor.

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