How to Understand everything with a secret technique #1

A technique That changes everything

So today is the first day of the course and I know that you are very excited. so today we will understand and how-to understand.

Today we will learn about the Feynman technique which will help you how to test yourself.

firstly you have to understand how to understand so, let’s take an example

a) you have to learn a topic of chemistry so firstly you have to relate that topic to chemistry.

b) then you have to relate that topic to that chapter.

c) In simple words, you have to see where that topic fits in the bigger picture.

then you have to take your test but I know that some of us are not that much honest. For those, there is the Feynman technique Which says that if you want to know that you have understood the topic then think that there is a 5-year-old in front of you and you have to mold the topic in simple words so that 5 years old understand. And it really helped people to get results whether they have understood or not.

All posts of course:-

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Understand everything with a secret technique
  3. Which is the right approach for learning
  4. How to learn new content
  5. How to take notes
  6. If you don’t want to take notes then what to do with that time?
  7. What to do if you learn one thing and forget it after some time?
  8. Best time table for learning
  9. The best alternative of time table
  10. How to learn things at 3x speed?
  11. Should you Re-read your notes?
  12. How to get the motivation to do the work?
  13. How to reduce distractions while you are doing your work?
  14. Problems with focus?
  15. Best music to study with.

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