An alternative of Taking notes #5

If you don’t want to take notes then what to do with that time?

Last day on my post I told you taking notes is not a productive way of learning. Today I will tell you what can you do with that time.

Firstly check the key points that you noted down during the lecture and make questions on your notebook or google sheet. but don’t write the answers if you want to write then create another google docs and write answers on that docs.

I am saying this because if you will write answers after that question then your brain will say that you should see the answer it is right there and you will see the answer and it will affect your productivity.

If you write answers on another sheet then you have to close that doc and open another document. Most probably in the meantime, your white angel arrives and tells you that you can’t cheat.

How to take notes, How to remember everything
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Is writing answers necessary?

well, I don’t write answers I try to answer that question in my brain. But it is possible that it won’t work for you because I’ve recommended this technique to so many people and a maximum of them are writing answers on another sheet or after writing all the questions. So, in the starting try recalling in your brain if you find it comfortable then good, but if you don’t then write answers in another sheet or after writing all the questions.

What if you are left with some time after writing questions?

when you will write active recall questions then you will be left with so much time because it takes so much less time if we compare it to notes. So what to do with that. Firstly you have to revise all questions at least 3–4 times then you have to make mind maps.

In mind maps, you have to connect all the concepts in that chapter so that when you see that single sheet you get the gist of the whole chapter.

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