Listening to music can increase your productivity

How you can be more productive if you listen to songs


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“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”

Today, On the occasion of hug day. I will tell you about productivity because I can’t tell you about Hugs and all.

Yes, listening to music increases productivity by an exponential rate. I’ve experienced it.

Main Idea

Just imagine:- You are working without distractions on your work, and suddenly you listen that your favourite youtuber just uploaded a video. Then your brain will say “just watch it” and it will end up as 1 hour YouTube session.

Now you are listening to music, and the same thing happens, you will not listen to that person because you are enjoying your music. The chain reaction will stop, which eventually saves you one hour.

What type of music you should listen

It does not depend, the only condition is “You should love it”. If you want a recommendation, then don’t listen to high-intensity music like Raps, metallic, etc. Because they are so intense, and those beats and loud lyrics are more likely to distract you.

Listen to soft voice or low voice singers like:-

  1. The weeknd
  2. Ariana Grande
  3. Billie Eilish
  4. Ashley

There is so much more, but I can’t recall the names. But you understood what type of music I am recommending.

These singers have a beautiful voice and R&B/pop genre. They don’t have distracting beats or unnecessary loudness.

Why listen to this type of music

Just imagine:- you are doing your work with full concentration but everything has a limit including your brain. When you are 2–3 hours in, you will start feeling tired. Your chances of distraction are most on this time stamp.

When you are not listening to music, after 2–3 hours you will start looking around, and you will find something which will kill your work. It is phone; you will start looking at your notifications, likes, comments, etc.

Now, you are listening to music. You are not getting sounds of notifications. You focused like an eagle. Few hours passed. Now your attention can only shift to music. Close your eyes for 5–10 minutes enjoy music, go for a walk, drink some coffee, do some refreshing. Get back to work.

My Spotify playlist

My playlist has songs I recommended above. I don’t like raps, and high metallic music. But like coffin by Eminem.

I really like pop and R&B.


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