Problems With focus? #13

How to increase focus some evidence-based tips

Problems with focus, How to learn everything
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Have you ever thought about why you can’t focus while doing your work? Well, 500 years back when I was not able to focus I asked this question to myself.

Well, the answer came from my brain “because I don’t want to do that work” then another answer came “but it is necessary”.

After all this, I went to my favorite place “google scholar” searching for research papers and books written on focus and I came across this research paper called The Pomodoro Technique. It’s a fairly long research paper so if you have some time then read it and if you want a summary then read this post.

Pomodoro is a sauce made from tomato to serve with pasta. Because of it when you search the google Pomodoro technique you will see a timer that will look like a tomato.

What it is?

This technique was discovered around the 1980s. It says that when you are working do it for 25 min and take a break of 5 min. Then do it for 25 min and a 5 min break. And after 3–4 sessions take a long 30 min break.

How to work?

When I started reading the paper then I thought It shouldn’t be that easy. That work and take a break. In later parts of the paper, he talked about how to work in those 25 mins.

He said that if you are using this technique then you have to consciously work on these 25 mins. It means you have to spend energy focusing, you have to use your intellectual resources for focusing.

Everyone doesn’t have that much will power that He/she can focus on something. So if you are like that (like me) then you have to spend some energy and intellectual resources to focus alone.

What you have to do?

Firstly don’t take exactly 25 min session, it is flexible. If you can only focus for 15 min it’s ok, just don’t think anything when you are working.

When I started using this technique in the beginning I can only focus for 20 mins and not it’s been near about 2 years since I am using this technique and now can consciously focus for 1.5–2 hours.

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