Should you re-read your notes #10

When to re-read your notes

Well, I told you once that the best, most efficient, most productive way to learn is active recall and it works for everyone.

how to remember everything you see read or hear ,should you re read your notes
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Whenever you learn new things your brain is making new connections between neurons. Whenever you re-read your notes everything is passive your brain is not doing anything.

When you do active recall you are using so many intellectual resources. You are actively participating in your process. During active recall, you are writing answers to active recall questions, your brain is retrieving information from your brain.

But it is not possible that every time you are that much motivated, your brain is that fresh so that you practice active recall.

So, the answer is you should not re-read your notes but sometimes your brain is tired when you don’t want to do anything you should consider re-reading your notes (Something is better than nothing ).

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