Tesla Is Coming To India: Good or Bad

Elon Musk should think about this.

Tesla coming to india good or bad
Photo by Vlad Tchompalov on Unsplash

Hooray, Tesla, world’s biggest electric car company, a company that doesn’t spend a single dollar on the advertisement is coming to India.

For, 3 years India is waiting for Tesla to come to India. And it came and suddenly Whole India was in Tesla fever. News channels, youtube everyone was so excited.

But, the excitement didn’t last long. Because of one thing - price. There is no other reason not to buy Tesla except This. If you live in America you can get Model 3 for as low as $30,190(after potential savings) and if we convert the price then it’s 22,07,486Rs.

If you purchase it without any offers then it’ll become $36,490 if we convert 26,67,911Rs.

Today India wants foreign companies to establish their Industries In India. So if you want to import something then You have to pay huge taxes and with huge I mean more than a car.

If you want to purchase the base model of the car, the lowest end model. Then it’ll cost you 60,000,00Rs or $82,000.

So, if you want to pay $82,000 for a $30,000 car then you can go for it.

How to solve it?

Elon has a factory of tesla in china because the car uses lithium-ion batteries and China has the world’s largest lithium mines. So, It’s an intelligent move. But not good for people in India.

India Doesn’t have lithium, We import it from other countries. So, if we look at odds then they are against us.

But here’s a twist Elon registered a Tesla in Banglore and they’ll start manufacturing Tesla cars In India which will lead to cost reduction.

what about lithium?

It’s a fact that India doesn’t have that much lithium and we can do nothing. But if we look in long run we don’t need lithium to make batteries and if you type future of batteries on google.

You’ll see aluminum and magnesium in place of lithium and we have to quit lithium batteries because of environmental issues.



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