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Todoist: The best to-do list app

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Just Imagine a to-do list app that can replace every to-do list use, every list you use, every time table you use.

The name of the app is Todoist, and it is the best to-do list app out there. It replaced my lists, timetable and so much more.

You can do so many things in it:

  • Add task:- it’s such a simple task, every to-do list app does it what is special? Well, they have made it seemless, colorful, and my phone vibrates a little differently when I add a task.
  • Complete task:- Whenever I complete a task, my phone vibrates differently, and it’s such a satisfying feeling.
  • You can make different projects/areas where you can classify your tasks.
My sidebar
  • As you can see, I have 9 tasks due today. After writing this post, I should work really hard to accomplish my tasks.
  • You can set reminders:- if you will set reminder then it will remind you about your tasks on both PC and laptop. You can use Recurring reminders which will remind you every day about the tasks. My favourite feature is location reminder as you can understand with name it will remind you automatically when you go to a particular place.
  • Add Comments:- If you add some comments on the task, then you can add it, For example:- if you have a meeting then you can write name of the person or things you have to say to him, etc.
  • I told you about classification using areas, but there are another type of classifications based on tags. You can add labels/tags to todoist and then click on it and you will get a list of all the tasks where you use that tag.
  • Labels vs areas:- If you think that what is the difference between labels and projects. Well, projects are permanent categories and labels are temperoary like you can create a label for every meeting but if you create projects then there will be more chaos.
  • You can connect it with your email also with an integration available on Gmail and outlook. So that you can directly add task using email.
  • It replaced my calender, but if you want to use, then you can integrate with your calender.
  • If you have a team, then you can make a sync todoist with them and add tasks for them.
  • At last, you can customize it with themes.

I am bound I can’t afford to waste time. And before todoist I had 3 apps to do different things, and it is completely worth it with me.

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