The Best Todo List App

Todoist: The best to-do list app

My Todoist Screenshot

Just Imagine a to-do list app that can replace every to-do list use, every list you use, every time table you use.

The name of the app is Todoist, and it is the best to-do list app out there. It replaced my lists, timetable and so much more.

You can do so many things in it:

  • Add task:- it’s such a simple task, every to-do list app does it what is special? Well, they have made it seemless, colorful, and my phone vibrates a little differently when I add a task.
My sidebar
  • As you can see, I have 9 tasks due today. After writing this post, I should work really hard to accomplish my tasks.

I am bound I can’t afford to waste time. And before todoist I had 3 apps to do different things, and it is completely worth it with me.

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