What to do if you learn one thing and forget it after some time? #6

How to remember things for a long time

Now it is enough for techniques to remember everything now you have to learn that how you can remember things for a long time.

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Have you ever wondered why we forget things, it is because connections in your brain are not strong enough to hold that memory.

Like when I read a topic deeply it is fresh in my brain for at least 2 days and if I am being honest then it is about 1 day and when I wake up the next day half of the topic is swept away.

How to remember a topic for a long time?

For remembering a topic for a long time you have to use a technique called spaced repetition. But before telling you the technique I want to tell you a story.

There was a man Hermann Ebbinghaus he discovered a curve it’s called forgetting curve if you want to see the graph then search forgetting curve there you will see so many photos of that graph.

If you study the graph then you will see when you learn a new topic you will forget 50% of the concept in 1 hour and it will degrade with time and after 6 hours you will forget maximum content.

By using this graph, we can find the timestamps that when we have to revise. So firstly you have to learn the concept and you will forget 50% of the content in one hour so, you have to revise after one hour.

Then if you have revised in one hour, it will take 6 hours to forget 50% of the concept and if you have revised within one hour then it will take 24 hours to forget 50% of the concept.

So, here are the time stamps firstly revise after 1 hour then 6 hours then the next day then after 2 days then after 1 week, and then revise at least twice a month so that you don’t forget anything.

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