Which best alternative of time table? #8

Time Blocking a good alternative to time table

From my last post, you know that I am not a timetable guy, but time management essential we all agree. So, what I do to manage my four sciences that I study this course, LinkedIn sharing, and my personal life.

The answer is time blocking It looks like this:-

As you can see I plan every minute of my day whether it’s study, work, or anything I have to do. I am not saying that you have to do it this way but just open the calendar and block everything you can whether it’s phone calls, study, travel, work I use google calendar you can use any calendar you like.

Well if you are thinking that why I plan every minute of my day. It is because it is good to have everything time blocked and If I calculate my study and work hours in a week then it turns out to be 80+ hours. I don’t have any personal life or friends but If I have to text someone then I will time block it.

If you have a significant personal life then don’t block it in the main calendar (If I have to make a call or text someone in the family then block it in another calendar).

If you don’t know that how to do time blocking. Just open google calendar(the calendar I prefer). If you are on the laptop then you will see something like this

  1. firstly you have to drag the cursor and till the time you have to do that work.
  2. Then you will get this window
  3. Then type the topic and hit save

I prefer this because when I was younger I have spent hours making a timetable and end up not following it. Time blocking is much more flexible.

I used to plan my whole week but I travel a lot and my plans are made at the spot that I have to go somewhere even in lockdown when my google maps timeline came it showed that I was on road for 3 weeks this year (if you count my all journeys). So now I time block for the next day tonight.

Tomorrow you will learn another interesting technique.

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