Which is the right approach for learning?#2

How to learn efficiently

If you go to your parents and ask them what should I do so that I never forget a concept then there is a 99% chance that your parents will say that read that concept 30 times or 40 times. I am not saying that that thing is wrong but do you think that reading a concept so much time is efficient in this world where everything is fast.

So today I will tell you how to remember a concept at the speed of light. The name of the method is active recall and as the name suggests that in this method you don’t have to feed your brain with knowledge. You have to recall that knowledge from your brain.

how to remember everything, which is the right approach for learning
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In this method, you have to read the text and close the book and try to recall It and this is the technique. After you have done this just test yourself with Feynman Technique

look when you are reading you are not doing anything everything is passive your brain is not doing anything. But during active recall, you are refreshing connections of your brain from time to time and it is not a slow and steady technique you will see the results in 5–10 minutes, and after a test, you can’t forget it if you do frequent revision. In revision, you don’t have to read. there you have to recall so that you know that what you already have in your brain and only learn those things that are vanished.

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